About Us

Akita Innovations LLC develops novel materials and chemicals for sensing, photonics, and selectively permeable protective barriers for commercial and government customers. These materials include light absorbing and emitting chemicals and materials for use as optical filters and in novel sensing applications, layered materials and coatings designed for selective permeation of water and hazardous chemicals for use in protective clothing , and polymeric materials with unique structural properties. Akita’s expertise also includes the design and development of prototype instrumentation for air and water hazard detection with specific expertise in the detection of airborne particulates. Akita conducts both contract research and development and internally-funded research and development of advanced materials and instruments for commercial sale. Akita’s founders, Lawrence Hancock, Ph.D. and Larry Takiff, Ph.D. have over 40 years of experience at some of the country’s leading chemical, materials, and photonics companies, including WR Grace, Circe Biomedical, Polaroid Corporation, and FLIR Systems with an extensive record of innovation and product development and commercialization.

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