Akita Innovations performs contract research and development of chemicals, materials, and sensors for government and private customers. Our staff of highly experienced chemists and materials scientists can design and synthesize novel compounds and materials from the milligram to the multi-kilogram range. We have a fully equipped and permitted chemical laboratory with synthesis and chemical characterization equipment and an optical/engineering laboratory for optical and laser characterization of materials and sensor design and testing. Our capabilities include coatings, polymer synthesis and characterization, sensor development, optical materials, and micro and nanoparticle development.Akita has a DCAA-approved accounting system and performs ITAR-controlled work. We are an employee-owned business and often subcontract to and from other large and small businesses, as well as universities and government laboratories, performing much of our work in teams with other organizations.

We develop, produce, and sell custom chemicals and materials. We have performed projects for many U.S. government customers including the Army, Navy, Air Force, CDC/NIOSH, DARPA, DTRA, & JPEO-CBD, as well as for many large and small businesses.

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