Gross Profit vs Net Income: What’s the Difference?


If a does not have a positive net income, investors may be detracted from investing. Even if a company has positive gross profit, investors are primarily interested in knowing what net income will be generated and what potential future dividend distributions may be returned back to them. In the United States, individual taxpayers submit a version of Form 1040 to the IRS to report annual earnings. Instead, it has lines to record gross income, adjusted gross income , and taxable income. However, net income is also known as the bottom line because it’s found at the bottom of a the income statement.

Is net income before or after taxes?

Net income, on the other hand, is what's left after taxes have been deducted. So, if you're in the 25% tax bracket, your net income would be $750 (25% of $1,000). While net income is what's left after taxes, it's not the same as profit.

Income statements—and other financial statements—are built from your monthly books. At Bench, we do your bookkeeping and generate monthly financial statements for you. In managing their business’s finances, owners and managers need to periodically total their sales over various periods of time, including weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Doing this allows managers to track the growth of their sales of various goods and services. Essentially, a company’s gross income is equal to its total sales over a set period of time.

What is net income & how to calculate it with a simple formula

Net income is the total amount of money an individual or business earned in a given period of time, minus taxes, expenses, and interest. Without discerning between net and gross, managers have no way of knowing whether their path to increased profitability involves increasing sales or cutting costs. If you run a business, it can give you insight into how profitable your company truly is and what business expenses you can cut back on. For investors looking toward equities, it helps determine the true value of a company’s stock. As you can see, net income zeroes in on how profitable your business actually is.


Similar to how you can’t just look at your individual income to assess your personal financial wellbeing . It’s key to look at all expenses and get a clear idea of what money is coming in and what is going out. Financial statements come from solid books, so try a bookkeeping service like Bench. Net income is one of the most important line items on an income statement. Your monthly income statement tells you how much money is entering and leaving your business. An up-to-date income statement is just one report small businesses gain access to through Bench.

Why net income is an important metric

To calculate net income, take the gross income — the total amount of money earned — then subtract expenses, such as taxes and interest payments. Net income can also be used in a company’s income statement to show the overall profit gained after deductions on gross and expenses. The amount can be used to pay the shareholders, make investments, pay employee wages, or savings. Net income can only be used after deduction of income taxes, operating expenses, depreciation costs, and interest on loans or debts. Note that expenses can also include wages, salary, raw materials, cost of goods, and taxes. Well, they’re two critical metrics used to measure a company’s profitability.

  • In a nutshell, the net income formula requires you to subtract the cost of goods sold and expenses from your gross income.
  • For that reason, net income and profit are terms that all business owners must understand.
  • ROI represents the profit earned after deducting the original cost from the market value, dividing by the original cost, and multiplying the result by 100.
  • So after you’ve subtracted income taxes, including the payroll taxes withheld from your paycheck for programs like Social Security and Medicare, from your taxable income, you’re left with net income.

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