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At Toptal, you can see and apply to any project from thousands of leading global organizations. All Toptal clients are thoroughly vetted, and only those with the budget, skill, and intent to hire make the cut. Braintrust is a user-owned talent network that connects you with great jobs with no fees or membership costs—so you keep 100% of what you earn.

  • If you’re able to help out, I would really appreciate it.
  • Officially recommended by some of the biggest WordPress brands , you can only expect the cream of the crop when it comes to clients—and the quality of WordPress developer jobs on Codeable.
  • Every client in our network understands our screening process, so when you’re picking up new work, you won’t need to do any traditional interviewing.
  • And getting access to them is as easy as visiting the website and searching for WordPress developer jobs and choosing the ones that suit you.

Codeable’s support team also pre-qualifies projects for every WordPress developer job that come in, to ensure experts have enough information to be successful. Build me a complete DROPSHIPPING e-commerce website with vendor integrations such as Ali express, overload, etc. The most important thing for me is the home page or landing page, it should be attractive with some banners and promotions. This will be a furniture e-commerce website similar to theme website. Again, I want to have a complete website that is ready to launch. You need to upload 10 products for each categories with 8 in total coming from DROPSHIPPING plug ins.

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Hello, I need a WooCommerce website developer who can help me with creating an ecommerce store for booking private swimming pools online. Premium template and premium plugins needs to be used by you only without any extra charges. If you have Premium template and premium plugins and will use them for me without any extra charges only then I’ll give this project to you. I already have a domain name and need help with creating content and adding products. Unlike most of the websites dedicated to paid WordPress work, WPhired also caters for WordPress developers who are just getting started.


Developers on the platform also make the lion’s share of each project that’s completed , which is another major plus. If you’re looking for remote WordPress developer jobs, FlexJobs has to be your first stop on this list. With the world economy teetering like a drunken sailor these days, many businesses are beginning to realize one thing—they need a solid online presence. Unlock access to a wide range of freelancing opportunities, from part-time to full-time positions, with top companies from the Fortune 500 to Silicon Valley startups. We vet each client opportunity and match you with the job postings that suit your preferences and skills, but you’ll always have the freedom to choose.

Who knows, your next WordPress developer job might just be there. To verify your email address and activate your job alert. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection.

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I think some, including myself, believe our Resume is strong. This past week, I received feedback that it was time for me to go to 2 pages because I could not list all my duties in my career due to trying to one length. Thanks, Ryan, for taking the time to assist with guiding us.


There are several steps to our screening process, including showcasing your clear communication and domain expertise, and engaging in a real-world assessment. We need an experienced WordPress developer to improve a large brand’s website. It’s running WordPress Multisite, a broadcaster plugin , and many AFC fields. The site is delicate, so we need an engineer with strong experience working with complex WordPress sites. Join me here, on to learn how to start a blog, make money blogging and grow a profitable side business.

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It’s still a good website to check out as it puts all the listed jobs online on one easy-to-use platform. Stack Overflow is one of the most popular communities for developers all over the world. With a forum where developers can meet to share ideas and help each other solve problems, having a job board that connects developers to clients is just natural.

Oh, and you’re guaranteed to earn between $70/hour to $120/hour on the projects you land. The screening process is designed to evaluate your skills and give you a sense of the work we do with our clients. By screening every candidate and vetting every client, we ensure that Toptal maintains top-tier professionals in the network. Once you’ve gone through our screening process, you’ll become the newest member of the Toptal Network, and our team will start connecting you to exciting projects with global clients. Every client in our network understands our screening process, so when you’re picking up new work, you won’t need to do any traditional interviewing.


Like Flexjobs, SolidGigs is built around a subscription model that will require you to invest $19/month. However, by using this link, you can get a 30-day trial for just $2. Definitely a small price to pay to land a solid WordPress developer gig. According to ZipRecruiter, hourly WordPress developer job rates range from $23/hr to $75/hr+ and are of course dependent on several factors, with experience naturally being one of the most significant. If you want to stay competitive in 2021, you need a high quality website.

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They do this by also listing internship jobs to help you gain experience as well as build a solid portfolio. For the veterans, you can choose different types of WordPress developer jobs from full-time to part-time and even freelance WordPress developer jobs. We’ll help set up billing and payments, and start connecting you to real-time projects with global clients. Creating a portfolio to showcase your strengths and skills is another crucial step you can’t afford to overlook if you’re hoping to increase your chances of landing well-paid WordPress developer jobs. This is where many beginners get stumped, but think about it this way… wouldyou want to hire someone without seeing clear evidence of their quality of work? The good news is that building a portfolio is easy—here’s how.

Chasing clients to find WordPress projects was difficult and time-consuming before Toptal. Being a part of Toptal means that I can focus on the actual work and don’t have to worry about getting paid on time or finding new projects. Toptal gives me access to exciting projects involving complex webshop setups, API integrations, development of custom themes and plugins from scratch, and more.

What is WordPress? is a free and open source content management system based on PHP and MYSQL. With free hosting and support, it has never been easier to start a blog. What better place to find WordPress developer jobs than on the mothership itself—the WordPress developer jobs board. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the planet.

  • Unlike most of the websites dedicated to paid WordPress work, WPhired also caters for WordPress developers who are just getting started.
  • To provide a seamless user experience, They want to use Discourse’s log in capabilities for all their users.
  • I am not looking for someone to integrate with other plugins, but I am open to suggestions if needed.
  • For this project, you will be building a new “Knowledge Center” for our website by creating a custom WordPress theme.

I have some particular preferences for the website builder that I would like the freelancer to take into account. I am looking forward to achieving an elegant, user-friendly website. I am looking for an experienced web developer to help build my website from scratch. This website is going to be very important for our business and I need this to be top of the line. Lastly, I am looking for additional features for the website such as specialized formatting, animation, and creativity.

Senior Editor (Digital) at 5280 Magazine at Open Media –

Senior Editor (Digital) at 5280 Magazine at Open Media.

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I also write for publications like Fast freelance wordpress developers, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Business Insider and more. Polishing up both your hard and soft skills will help you become an in-demand WordPress developer. You’ll never run short of WordPress development jobs to keep you busy and well-fed. Another website you need to check when hunting for WordPress developer jobs is ZipRecruiter. One reason Guru is loved by many freelancers is that the 9% (5% on some of the paid plans) commission they take per completed is one of the lowest. This means you’re left with a bigger chunk of your hard-earned money.

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