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Akita Innovations is a chemical and materials company that develops and sells high-value materials for companies that want an edge on their competitors and government customers who have unique and demanding requirements. Our chemicals and materials include light absorbing and emitting dyes, optical polymers and coatings, coating materials to provide desired permeation or wetting properties, and functionalized micro and nanoparticles. We also provide consulting services and testing using our highly experienced staff of chemists and materials scientists and well-equipped laboratories, and make custom chemicals and materials so customers do not have to develop these capabilities in-house. Let us reduce the risk of your development, increase the speed of product introduction, and provide new approaches for your problems! Our nimble and flexible team can come up with solutions quickly and put together teams including industrial, university, and government partners to address a wide variety of materials, testing, and chemical needs.

Products & Services

Akita Innovations offers research and development services for chemicals and materials