Light-Absorbing and Emitting Dyes

Akita chemists have decades of experience making light-absorbing and emitting dyes, tailored to particular product requirements. Dyes are selected for absorption/emission of particular wavelengths in the UV, visible, or near-infrared regions of the spectrum, and designed to have the required thermo- and photostability, solubility, and brightness. We can incorporate dyes in suitable polymer hosts or conjugate them to proteins, antibodies, DNA, or other molecules, as well as providing the dyes in solid form or in a desired solution or suspension. Dyes can also be provided enclosed in or attached to micro- or nanoparticles. Common uses of dyes are for chemiluminescence, photoacoustic imaging, chemical sensing, laser line absorption for laser protection, bioanalyte detection, detection of corrosion, cell staining, and other bioimaging. Fluorescent dyes can be made sensitive to a variety of analytes and conditions including ion concentration, pH, voltage, solvent polarity, and the presence of a wide variety of chemical species.

Don’t depend for a critical part of your product or service on dyes of unknown provenance. Contact us today to get the dyes you need from a source you can trust.