Products & Services

Akita designs and produces a variety of other materials, such as organic and inorganic feedstocks for additive manufacturing of unusual items such as complete battery cells or elastomeric (rubbery) items that are otherwise difficult to produce with 3-D printing.  We develop and produce a wide range of specialty monomers (the starting materials of plastics), such as fluorinated monomers to impart chemical resistance to plastics without safety or environmental issues, non-fluorinated monomers that provide water or chemical resistance, plasticizers for energetic materials, and other chemicals of interest.  We also design and produce specialty polymers, such as binders for energetic materials, optical plastics with particular optical properties such as haze or refractive index, and depolymerizable polymers for triggerable or degradable applications.


Antifog coatings and light absorbing/fluorescent dyes


Contract R&D and testing of materials, chemicals, coatings, and sensors

Custom synthesis & production

Of chemical/materials.