Custom Chemicals & Materials

Akita designs new chemicals & materials, and produces them or other specified materials in amounts ranging from mg to multi-KG. We offer chemical design, custom synthesis, scale up, and purification of custom chemicals to your requirements. We provide custom chemical syntheses in industries including chemical sensing, battery manufacture, and optics. We make chemicals and materials that are non-commercial materials reported in the literature, commercial materials with insufficient purity or quality, or entirely new materials and chemicals designed by our chemists in response to your product requirements.  We will work with you to design the materials to have the properties you require, from chemical and physical properties to durability, stability, and safety. 

For requirements for large amounts of materials, we will select and work with a manufacturer to produce, qualify, and deliver the materials you need at the quality you demand. Contact us with your custom chemical needs, and let our team work with you to give your products The Edge.