Case Studies

Case Study: A leading chemical sensor manufacturer needed a manufacturing partner for a proprietary, mission-critical chemical. They approached Akita because of prior successful development projects the two companies had done together. Akita developed an efficient pathway to the compound and delivers it regularly to the customer, enabling them to provide a sensor that addresses their customers’ needs to be safe from hazardous chemicals. Akita makes the compound at high purity in our labs while preserving the customer’s confidential product information.

Case Study: A leading optics manufacturer needed to block a particular laser line while maintaining good visible light transmission of their optics. Since they have long experience with Akita chemists, they approached Akita with the problem. Akita designed and produces a chemical to do this, creating a new product line for the customer with performance that beats their competitors! Akita worked with both the customer and an independent testing laboratory to get the chemical qualified for use. The customer avoided the need to take the project offshore and risk losing their valuable IP to competitors or having an unreliable supply or product of uncertain quality.

Case Study: Multiple commercial and government customers have contracted Akita scientists to develop safe and environmentally stable forms of harsh, chemically reactive materials. Akita’s engineered reactive materials enable applications as wide ranging as advanced energetics and additive manufacturing feedstocks.