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Akita is a materials development company that uses synthetic chemistry and advanced materials techniques to find solutions for government and commercial clients.  Our products include antifog and anticontamination coatings and coating fluids for optics and other materials, light-absorbing and -emitting dyes, specialty oxidizers, and feedstocks for additive manufacture of elastomers and other novel products.  We also do custom chemical design and production and solve materials and chemical problems for customers who need an outsourced chemical capability. This includes invention of novel technologies and materials for customers who have a need but do not know how to approach it.

Areas of concentration:

  • Optical materials with defined light emitting or absorbing characteristics
  • High performance surface treatments and coatings
  • Instrumentation for detection of chemicals and aerosols
  • Production and modification of micro- and nanoparticles for improved performance and stability
  • Specialty feedstocks for additive manufacturing (3-D printing)
  • Custom monomer and polymer materials

Akita’s clients are large and small companies, academic and not-for-profit research institutes, and governmental agencies, who call us when good performance isn’t good enough anymore, or when a solution to a challenge is not coming quickly enough.

Products & Services

Akita Innovations offers research and development services for chemicals and materials
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