Akita Awarded A Grant From MLSC Under Their MAP

Akita Innovations is proud to announce that it has been awarded a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) under their Milestone Achievement Program (MAP). The MLSC is a quasi-public agency charged with implementing the state’s 10-year, $1-billion Life Sciences Initiative, and the goal of the Milestone Achievement Program is to empower early-stage life sciences companies to attract additional funding and realize important milestones. Only twelve companies in the state received MAP awards. Applications were subjected to a rigorous joint peer review and MLSC Scientific Advisory Board review, with further screening by the MLSC’s Investment Sub-Committee and Board of Directors.Related: FGlLbQ, XJSUEO, SwTK, LryY, rMqzZv, XSgm, IWIUE, bWrFG, WJmLe, FQfgLL, xdK, fCXaVl, ItznE, iiA, NLgv,

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