Bioimaging Dyes

Akita BDs are useful as membrane stains and in fluorescent imaging. 

-500-650 nm absorbance maxima
-High absorbance and efficient luminescence

Catalog #PriceAbsorbance λmax, log(ε)Emission λmax, fluorescence quantum yieldNotes
BD-0011mg: $500
10mg: $1500
100mg: $7500
Chloroform: 623 nm, 4.93Not testedContains PEG solubilizing group
BD-0021mg: $600
10mg: $2000
100mg: $15000
Water: 500 nm, 4.60Water: 510 nm, 37%Zwitterionic Contains NHS ester bioconjugating group*
*-Incorporation of alternate conjugating groups is available as custom synthesis

Catalog #: BD-001
Price: 1mg: $500, 10mg: $1500, 100mg: $7500
Absorbance λmax, log(ε): Chloroform: 623 nm, 4.93
Emission λmax, fluorescence quantum yield: Not tested
Notes: Contains PEG solubilizing group

Catalog #: BD-002
Price: 1mg: $600, 10mg: $2000, 100mg: $15000
Absorbance λmax, log(ε): Water: 500 nm, 4.60
Emission λmax, fluorescence quantum yield: Water: 510 nm, 37%
Notes: Zwitterionic Contains NHS ester bioconjugating group*

Spectrum available upon request