Coating fluids and coating materials

Akita produces a variety of coating materials that can be applied to flat or curved substrates to provide desired surface energy, protection, wettability, and permeability.  Many of these coating fluids are transparent to visible light when cured, so they can be used for optics like lenses, windows, and mirrors.  These fluids can be applied to substrates by any of the commonly used coating methods: dip, spray, spin, flow, blade, rod, brush.

Our coatings start as liquids and are cured by either heat (bake), solvent evaporation at room temperature or elevated temperature (evaporation/ambient cure), exposure to atmospheric moisture, or light (visible or UV light).  Each method of curing has its advantages and drawbacks.  We can help you choose and optimize the cure type and speed for your application.

Akita does not coat articles as a service, but we can sometimes perform test coatings of your articles for evaluation purposes, or help you choose coating equipment, or direct you to another company that can coat your articles if desired.  Talk to us about this!