Dynamic nuclear polarization-NMR is a powerful technique that enables highly sensitive analysis of biomembranes and proteins.  TOTAPOL is among the most powerful polarization agents available for DNP-NMR.

Pricing and Unit

DNP-01: TOTAPOL: $700/100 mg


– Highly-efficient, biradical polarization agent 
– Two TEMPO radicals separated by a covalent linkage. 
– Water soluble and compatible with salt solutions commonly used in nucleic acids and protein research


– TOTAPOL produces much higher enhancement values
– TOTAPOL produces >4x the polarization at <4x lower electron concentration over TEMPO radical
– TOTAPOL is effective in much smaller quantities 
Proximity of the radicals ensures polarization transfer. 
Especially advantageous in dissolution experiments or when a sample require multiple washing cycles prior to analysis.
– TOTAPOL can be used with any brand of DNP-NMR spectrometer or suitably equipped MRI machine

Song, C. et al., “TOTAPOL: A Biradical Polarizing Agent for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Experiments in Aqueous Media,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2006, 128, 11385-11390