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Other technologies

Akita designs and produces a variety of micro and nanomaterials, including inorganic particles of metals and metal oxides, silica and polymer particles, and exotic materials such as iodates. We can modify the surface of these particles to control their solubility or polymer-encapsulate them to protect them from hydrolysis or oxidation. We can characterize particulates by… Continue Reading →


Akita designs and produces a wide variety of coatings including polymers, metals, and sol-gel (inorganic) coatings. Coatings are used to protect substrates from degradation, contamination, or corrosion, to incorporate chemical sensing features, to control permeation of water or oxygen, to impart color or hardness, or to increase or prevent wetting of the material by water… Continue Reading →

Light-Absorbing and Emitting Dyes

Akita chemists have decades of experience making light-absorbing and emitting dyes, tailored to particular product requirements. Dyes are selected for absorption/emission of particular wavelengths in the UV, visible, or near-infrared regions of the spectrum, and designed to have the required thermo- and photostability, solubility, and brightness. We can incorporate dyes in suitable polymer hosts or… Continue Reading →